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iPod's Flat Panel's & Xboxes Galore!!!

Shopping for college students is not always an easy task. Do you get them a gift that is practical, or buy them a gift that they really want.  Gifts for college students can range from new bed sheets (yuck) to an mp3 player. I think it is best to go with the gift that is really wanted by the student, rather than the gift that is practical.  When thinking about gifts for college students, remember that they are still kids at heart.  While it might be considered OK to buy Mom something that she can put to good use, like a new set of pots and pans, it is likely that your student will be greatly disappointed by such a gift.  After all, they are college students, they are not  in the "real world" yet.  Personally, when I was still in college, I was a huge fan of electronics (I still am.) I always wanted to have a "pimped-out" college dorm room with the best TV, gaming and audio system in the building. 


So, where do you begin?  You can always ask the college student to make a gift list and choose from that, but there no surprise element there. Lets start with the hottest electronics available, that are in high-demand by college students and will make great gifts. The first that comes to mind is Apple's iPod.  What used to be a simple mp3 player has exploded into a complete media storage device.  Not only can they house all the music a student could possibly have, but they also can store their favorite videos, movies and pictures.  The Apple iPod is now available in 30 and 60 gigabyte models.  Ipods are in high demand, however. So, if you plan to buy one as a gift for a college student, make sure you plan ahead as they are not always in stock. iPod has also revamped the mini iPod and produced the iPod Nano, which has a color screen and is significantly smaller in size than the original iPod mini. With an iPod, the student will also be able to easily transport college files, such as term-papers and any other type of file, as the iPod can double as a portable hard drive.

The second electronic that is a must-have college gift is a flat screen TV.  Although, a little pricy, they are so convenient for college students who are constantly moving around and often times have car loads of belongings to move back and forth between home and college every semester. Flat screen TV's are available in a couple of different styles.  There are the LCD flat panel TV's that are similar to the monitor on a laptop computer and there are the plasma flat panel TV's which often times provide better picture quality. If your college student is into digital gaming, I would suggest a plasma TV for the better graphics they provide, especially if they are expecting a gaming system as a gift from another person. Flat Panels are great, not only for their superior graphic capabilities, but also for their compact size. The flat panel TV is the perfect college gift and is extremely versatile.

That brings us to a gaming system.  My personal favorite is the Microsoft Xbox.  These have come down considerably in price and could be the perfect college gifts for the froogle, or those on a budget. The Xbox can provide hours of entertainment to the college student and their friends.  Although not very conducive to studying, gaming systems can be educational. At least that is what I used to tell myself :) It may, however, not be the best college gift if you know your student does not have much discipline. You don't want them failing out all together. 

Apart from electronics, other great college gifts can include items that make their dorm room more comfortable.  As space is usually an issue, gifts might include items that help organize the clutter that is in nearly every dorm room in the country. Lighting in dorm rooms is also extremely uninviting.  Consider a nice soft light to warm the room, or a lava lamp as a gift to create some ambiance for your "well-behaved" student. Posters, framed art, tapestries, national flags, and other wall hangings can also make great college gifts and help to cover the institutional-like walls.

All-in-all my favorite college gifts would have to be the Apple iPod or a flat panel TV. Both are readily available online or at a local retailer. Happy college shopping!


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