The Worst Reasons to Choose a College


Everybody chooses the College he/she attends for different
reasons. Although you may choose your college for what you
feel are the right reasons, beware of these "no no's" when
it comes time for you to make your final decision.

Choosing a college to be with your boyfriend/girlfriend or best
is one of the worst things you can do. Although you may
be completely in love, keep in mind that your life as an
independent person is just beginning. Don't limit yourself because
of someone else. This is your opportunity to travel and
experience life and finally become the person you want to be.
Going to the same college as that someone you want to stay close
to may limit your newly found independence and end up causing
resentment and anger instead of bringing you closer together.

Going away to college means being around hundreds of strangers.
Although this may seem scary at first, it gives you a chance to
explore your identity and leave behind everybody who knows you
and has certain expectations of you. If you are constantly
around the best friend you didn't want to leave, you have a
certain obligation to be that same person he/she knew. Give
yourself a chance to grow, perhaps even reinvent yourself as
the person you always wanted to be. Always having someone
influencing you can prevent you from meeting all kinds of
interesting people and making new friends. Besides, going to
different schools you can visit each other and meet twice the
people you would if you were together.

Choosing a college solely for its location can leave you miserable.
Although location is important, the actual college should be more
important. If you have always dreamed of living in a warm
climate or in the middle of the snowy mountains, then go for it.
But don't let the location blind you to what the college has to
offer. This will be your new home for the next four years. Make
sure it has everything you want and need. Visit the college
before you go and observe the people, the courses offered, the
hangouts, and whatever else is important to you. Don't trap
yourself with a bunch of dull people and boring classes.

The ratio of boys to girls is insignificant. If you choose a
college because of all the cute girls or guys, you may be sorely
disappointed. Great girlfriends or boyfriends usually show up
when you least expect it. People are attracted to those who
have their own life, not to those who spend all their free time
chasing members of the opposite sex. A large number of the
opposite gender on campus does not mean they will be cool,
interesting, fun, or even nice. Just remember "don't judge a
book by it's cover!"

You should not choose a college because somebody else told you
Your guidance counselor can be wrong. Although they may
think they know what school would be good for you from your
records or your interactions, remember that your guidance
counselor usually doesn't know the whole you. Telling you to go
to a certain school for your major doesn't take into account the
social aspect of college. You may end up somewhere where
students only come out of their rooms to go to class. However,
listen to any suggestions you are given and look into them. It just
may be your perfect school. Just make sure you, and only you,
make the final decision.

Don't be scared to move far away from home. Leaving home is
a good thing once you get over the homesickness (which is
usually fairly quickly!). Sooner or later you will be out on your
own. Take advantage of this growing experience and have fun
before the responsibilities of life as an adult hit you. On the
other hand, don't go jumping onto a plane just because you
want to get away from your family.
When you're at college
you're not expected to visit home all the time, so don't think
fleeing is going to help you out. Your a college student. There's
lots of reasons why you can't come home every time they ask.

Pressure from alumni should not be a deciding factor in
choosing your college. It is your turn to choose your
environment, so choose one you really want. By going to a school
just because it is expected of you by others who went there
you are denying yourself the college experience you want. As long
as you are happy and productive, the proud alumni should
eventually get over it.

The most important thing to remember in choosing your school is
that you will be the one at the school. Take the time to look
into schools and what they offer. Find somewhere that will
expand your horizons and help you prepare for you future.
Choose the school that offers the most of what you want to get
out of your college experience, whatever that may be. And
remember, if your choice turns out to be the wrong one, you can
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