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The High School Transition Fundraising Program

    The CollegeDepot.com High School Transition
    Fundraising program continues through the
until you go off to college in the fall.
    For every
purchase you make from
    CollegeDepot.com during
these coming months,
    your high school will receive
7% commission for
    their chosen fund.

The Year Round High School Fundraising Program
    The CollegeDepot.com Year Round High School
    Fundraising program continues throughout the whole
    year. For every purchase you make from
    CollegeDepot.com, your high school will receive 5%
    commission for their chosen fund.

What Do I Have to Do? 

    1.  It's simple!  Visit CollegeDepot.com by clicking
        on any of the icons to
the left to go to that
        area. The U icon on the top of the page will
        take you
directly to our Home Page.

    2.  Choose what you like and place your order. You
        can send it via our secure server (encrypted for

        privacy), print out the order form and send it by
        mail or fax, or you can order by phone.  For 
        more details, click here.

    3.  Write you High School's name in the "Referred 

         By" box of the order form.  If you place your 
         order by phone be sure to mention your High 
         School as the referrer.

    4.  If you have a couple of extra moments, we
really appreciate your feedback.  What
        do you think of our site and what would you like
        to see
offered that is not offered already?
        Click the
feeback button located at the bottom
        of all our
main area pages.

    5.  HAVE FUN!!!

What Do I Need to Know? 

    In our effort to aggregate a larger selection for our
    students, some of the products on CollegeDepot.com 
    are sold through 3rd party sites linked to
    CollegeDepot.com.  To make sure your high school is
    credited for purchases of this nature, please advise 
    us by email of your order or forward your order
    acknowledgement to referrer@collegedepot.com, or 
    call us at 1-800-667-8721 and let us know.

Can my High School join the program?

    We invite any high school that is not currently
    participating in our fundraiser to join.  If you are
    interested in having you high school join, please
us at fundraiser@collegedepot.com.

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