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For your convenience we have compiled articles that we feel will be helpful to you and your parents in making the transition from High School to College and beyond.  Enjoy!!!
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General Questions on College Preparing for College
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Choosing a College Financing a College Education
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Long-Range Planning Important Terms
Dealing with Your Roommate Worst Reasons to Choose a College
Visiting Colleges Dealing with Rejection
Waiting for Acceptance College Interviews
Transferring Colleges Making a Schedule
Time Management in College Money for College
Successful Lecture Listening New Apartment Checklist
PostGradLife.com -Checklist

Exercises and Checklists for Students and Parents
Going to College Checklist
Moving into an Apartment Checklist
Help Your Child Think About a Career
Course Planner for Parent and Student
College Inquiries
College Preparation Checklist for Students
Financial Preparation Checklist for Parents
Examples of Jobs Requiring College Preparation
High School Courses Recommended for College
Questions To Ask Guidance Counselors
Typical College Costs
Average Tuition and Fees by Type of College, 1995-1996
Amount to Save to Have $10,000 at beginning of College
Examples of Saving Instruments and Investments
How much Need-based Financial Aid can My Child Get?
Military Postsecondary Education Opportunities

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