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  • Save 22% to 32%
CollegeDepot.com is a convenient one-stop source for many necessities, fun stuff and luxuries students need at college. Our High School will receive 7% commission on anything you purchase at CollegeDepot.com during the coming summer months.
Care Packages & Gifts
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Graduation Gifts
  • Stress Kits, etc.

Body Comforts

  • Down Comforters
  • Clothing
  • College Wear
  • Sheets, etc. 
CollegeDepot.com, a growing student oriented World Wide Web online resource for the college-bound and their families, provides a comprehensive selection of competitively priced products and services that cater to all students' needs going into college and throughout the college years. CollegeDepot sells and brokers cost-saving goods and services under the broad headings of Care Packages, Cool Atmosphere, Body Comforts, Practical Necessities, and Student Resources. Products also include Textbooks, Computer Hardware, Academic Software, and Pre-Paid Phone Cards. CollegeDepot's website publishes a comprehensive "Going to College Checklist" and other very helpful related articles - especially for first time college entrants.
Cool Atmosphere

  • Bean Bags, Poofs
  • Inflatable Furniture
  • Tapestries, Rugs
  • Lights, etc

Practical Necessities

  • Computers
  • Munchie Makes,
  • Safety First
  • Bikes, Skates, etc.
Shop CollegeDepot.com

For Convenience For Savings
For Variety To Avoid Transportation
To Save Time To Support Our Fund Raiser

Shopping at Collegedepot.com benefits parents as well as students by helping to organize what is a time-consuming, cumbersome, costly, and frustrating period- both physically and emotionally.

Check out our "Going to College" checklist and further information at http://collegedepot.com/hs

Student Resources

  • Fun & Games
  • Jobs & Internships
  • Apartment Search
  • Cool Links, etc

It's simple. To benefit from this promotion just visit our website at http://collegedepot.com and when you order online via our secure server enter the school's name in the REFERRER box. If you choose to order via our 800#, mention the school's name.The fundraiser will earn 7% (excluding s/h).

......and much more!

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