Visiting Colleges


Need help deciding how you feel about a college? Visiting
campuses will help give you an idea of whether or not you
would be happy there. Just remember, you are the one who
would be living there for the next four years, so don't be
shy when you visit. Here are some tips for making the most
of your visit.

1. Don't act. The older college students may be intimidating
and intriguing at first, but remember, they were all in you
shoes at one point in time. Don't be concerned about how you
appear to them. Just find out what you want to know about
the school, no matter how stupid you may think a question is.
If you can get a host for your visit, go for it and take full
advantage of their knowledge of the school.

2. Explore on Your Own. Though a tour of the campus is
recommended, break away from the group and explore on your
own. Tours are usually led by enthusiastic students who will
show you the coolest party places and the nicest dorms. Alone
you can see what the insides of all the dorms are like, check
out the dining halls, the classrooms and academic buildings,
the gyms, or whatever else fits your interests.

3. Be Inquiring. Don't be satisfied with what you're told.
Every college will have vague and glossy responses that don't
really answer your questions. Go further and find out exactly
what you want to know. Asking a student passing by may
provide you with a more accurate answer to your question.

4. Look at the Big Picture. Be aware of the general vibe you
get from a visit to a college, but also take into consideration
your mood that day. Don't let something trite like bad weather
influence your decision. Likewise, don't let something little like
meeting someone cool during your visit be your deciding factor.
Every college has pluses and minuses. Be sure to weigh them
accurately as to want in a college before you tear up your
application or write that tuition check.

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